T̓ooyaḵsiy̓ n̓isim̓ !

Thank you to our Funders, Contributors, Partners, Volunteers and Sponsors

GNTS Core Funding is from Nisga’a Lisims Government, however, being a Non-Profit Society we are able to supplement our Programs and Services by applying for grants, canvasing for donations and partnering with similar community agencies supporting one another.

Enjoy this slideshow of GNTS Programs that received extra support to carry out:

Gitlaxdax Nisga’a Terrace Society Administration and Board of Directors would like to thank the following for their continued support for our Nisga’a Citizens residing within the Terrace/Thornhill area. With your support we are able to offer amazing programs & services to create moments and teachings for our membership on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis.

  • Indigenous Peoples Resilience Fund : $29,747.00 Elders Food Box Program
  • Coast Mountain School District 82: $5,000.00 – Summer Reading, Language and Culture Kids Camp
  • Ascot Resources: $1,000.00 donation towards our Pancake Breakfast to Honor Truth & Reconciliation Day
  • Nisga’a Employment Skills and Training: Sponsoring our Summer Youth Worker
  • Marks Work Wear: Terrace Store- Donation of 20 boxes of New clothing, foot wear and jackets for men and women for our Outreach Program
  • New Relationship Trust: Youth Sporting events: Basketball and Soccer Camps
  • New Relationship Trust: Elders Programming and events
  • Isparc (Indigenous Sports, Physical Activity & Recreation Council): Basketball and Soccer Skills Camps for youth
  • New Crest Mining: Donation of a Whole Steer: processed, packaged and delivered by Smithers Sausage Factory
  • Kermode Friendship Society: Donation of 50+ Breakfast hampers to distribute to our members
  • Canadian Tire: Terrace Store- Donation of Gift Cards for Door prizes
  • We’d like to thank the Following Local Stores/Vendors for their Donations for our Community Christmas Programing:
  • Ascott Resources: $500.00
  • LNG: Several Boxes of Toys
  • Aquaclear: $150.00
  • Safeway: $100 Gift Certificate
  • Raincoast Wash & Lube: 2 $50 Gift Certificates
  • Terrace Bowling Lanes: 2 $45 Gift Certificates
  • Misty River Books: 2 $40 Gift Certificates
  • Silvertip Promotions: Swag Items
  • Fiori Designs: Swag Items
  • Serveco: 40 sets of rain gear
  • Terrace Nail Beauty Salon: 80 brand new boots, 4 coolers.

Special Thank you to our Team of Volunteers: Without your dedication, many programs would suffer, we truly appreciate you all!! Especially throughout the Pandemic, we had to stay within our “Bubbles” which meant we relied heavily on our Staff members families. You are the real MVP’s

  • Lyle Adams & kids: Acacia Gray, Sammy
  • David Griffin & Kids
  • Tasha McNeil
  • Paulette Haizimsque & kids
  • Don Mowatt & kids
  • Matt Wolnowski
  • Patrick Bright Jr
  • Gerald Brown & Kids
  • Ross Clayton-Scodane
  • Isaiah Scodane

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